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Lizzy is a very happy girl who brings joy to all who meet her. She loves to dance. Lizzy is 16 years old now and she was born with Down Syndrome, Tracheomalacia and (PDA) Patent Ductus Arteriosus. About the age of 4 the PDA closed on its own.  But unfortunately, her Tracheomalacia has only progressively gotten worse. Lizzy’s Chattanooga medical team has referred Lizzy to Boston Children’s Hospital for a surgery called Posterior Tracheopexy. This surgery is so specialized that there is only one team and one hospital in the U.S. that performs it. Lizzy must go to Boston for her to be well.  It will require a minimum of three visits over several months or so. Both parents will be traveling with her to be there for all necessary procedures and treatments. The first trip to Boston was the end of July 2019.

Her parents have applied for all the housing and free/medical flight options that we know about and they are all booked at this point, so they are having to go through standard flight and hotel booking. We are hoping for accommodations close enough to the hospital that they can take public transportation for a couple of the trips, however, after surgery that will not be an option and they will need to rent a vehicle for her protection against jarring around, someone bumping into her after such a major surgery and her moving very slowly. We don’t really know all the costs at this point.  We know that there will also be additional unexpected costs that cannot be planned for as well as lost wages for her dad who is self-employed. Her insurance will only pay 80% of this surgery so they will also have to pay for all the medical care copays out of pocket as well. This has been so unexpected for them and we are looking for options to help.

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Ways you can help Team Lizzy

Please consider donating to help offset the costs to this wonderful family. You can mail your Tax Deductible donation check, made payable to Christ First Church to PO Box 2398, Ft. Oglethorpe, GA 30742, who will distrubute it to the family.

If you prefer to donate online, click here

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